Motortype is a project where cars get remixed into letters.
To me, the end of the fifties really marks an era with a high level of originality and the need to stand out. I've already done furniture so I thought it was time for cars.

Assigning letters to the cars was the hardest part. Looking at dozens from the mid century. Trying to find the general lines/feel, that could fill in a/the letter.
The goal was to achieve a pure form, free of sacrifices made in purpose of functionality.
Sometimes, even, functionality can supersede itself, becoming a part of the design.
Like the vent from a Mustang, the fin of the Cadillac or tike holder of the Plymouth.

All in all, this took me 3 years to complete. All models are modelled by hand from scratch, rendered in C4D with Octane.

Hope you like!

Thanks for watching!

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